LAPD provides the 'missing link' in SWAT debriefings

Some findings from this experimental approach were presented at the most recent IACP annual conference in 2010

For advice on how to better handle barricaded-subject standoffs, LAPD cops are going literally to the “insiders” — the barricaded and often suicidal subjects themselves. Through extensive post-incident interviews in prisons, mental health facilities, and private homes, investigators are amassing a rich trove of information on what works and what doesn’t in these high-profile SWAT callouts, from the unique perspective of the individuals at the center of the action.

The lessons learned through these debriefings are sharpening the performances of first responders, tactical operators, and crisis negotiators. In the long run, the information is expected to encourage tactics that can more quickly resolve unpredictable, high-risk confrontations and save lives among officers and offenders alike.

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