Video: New footage of intense Dorner firefight

Video from the shootout shows police surround the cabin and fire repeatedly

By Erik Ortiz
New York Daily News

BIG BEAR, Calif. — Deputies fired a barrage of bullets as they waged a final standoff with fugitive Christopher Dorner on Tuesday — moments before his hideout was engulfed in flames. Part of the dramatic gun battle was recorded by CBS News, and authorities are seen aiming at a cabin in Southern California’s San Bernardino mountains where Dorner was barricaded.

Officials had asked media not to air live footage of the assault in case Dorner had access to a TV. Eventually, an armored vehicle was used to rip down the cabin’s walls, police later said. A single gunshot was heard before a fire broke out — but it wasn’t clear how the blaze started.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department confirmed charred human remains were found inside the torched structure, but have yet to identify the body as Dorner’s. A driver’s license with his name was also found among the rubble, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

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