Video: Cops shoot, kill weapon-wielding man after Okla. pursuit

The man stole a Red Bull from a convenience store, took off, and then pointed a weapon at officers after the pursuit

By PoliceOne Staff

PERRY, Okla. — It started with the reported theft of a Red Bull from an Oklahoma convenience store.

The clerk called the cops, who discovered the suspect’s truck near the store. The man took off, initiating the chase, according to

The pursuit ended quickly though, as the man pulled his truck into a Walmart parking lot and immediately exited his vehicle, which can be seen in the dash-cam footage below.

Upon exiting, he held his hands up toward the officers and began walking toward them. Cops fired several shots, killing the man instantly.

The weapon?

It turned out to be an ice scraper. Watch the footage below and tell us what it looks like to you.

The officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, according to

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