Video: Police shoot man with assault rifle near Occupy protest

New video shows Houston police shooting 21-year-old Joshua Twohig near where Occupy protesters were gathered

By PoliceOne Staff

Recently-released video captured the shooting of a man wielding an assault rifle near a Houston Occupy protest in a downtown park last week.

21-year-old Joshua Anthony Twohig fired off several shots inside Tranquility Park on November 21. After several attempts to get Twohig to drop his rifle, police fired on him, hitting him several times. Twohig was taken to the hospital and treated for non life-threatening injuries.

According to CNN, bicycle officers A. Cantos and H. Lam were on patrol when they heard gunshots and saw Twohig standing on a bridge near the park's fountains and pond holding a weapon. As they approached, he fired his weapon into the pond and then gestured as though he was intending to commit suicide, screaming "Shoot me, shoot me".

Twohig is charged with aggravated assault against a public servant.


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