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Suicide by Cop

Suicide by Cop

The Suicide by Cop topic page offers news, expert opinion, and advice for dealing with the possible aftermath of the unique type of officer-involved shooting that occurs when a suspect deliberately provokes an officer to shoot.
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June 27, 2014
Video: Cops TASER knife-wielding man seeking ‘suicide by cop’

Video: Cops TASER knife-wielding man seeking ‘suicide by cop’

Surveillance video captured a tense standoff between a knife-wielding man and officers in a jail - Full Story
June 21, 2014

Texas cop kills man charging with knife in-hand

Officers were investigating a disturbance call when the man charged at them and was shot several times - Full Story
May 25, 2014
Reality Training: Encountering a 'suicide by cop' situation

Reality Training: Encountering a 'suicide by cop' situation

This week, Dave Smith shows a video of a tense standoff between police and a subject who appears to be... - Full Story
April 30, 2014

Man who wanted 'suicide by cop' settles excessive force suit

A man who said he wanted to die during a 2009 shootout alleges that the amount of force used by the defendants was objectively unreasonable - Full Story
April 25, 2014

Video: Wash. police fatally shoot suicidal armed veteran

Body camera shows sheriff's deputies pleading with a despondent Jedadiah Zillmer, 23, to put down his gun before they shoot him - Full Story
April 01, 2014

Lawsuit tossed out in CHP 'suicide by cop' shooting

Officers acted in self-defense when they fatally shot a suicidal South San Francisco man who had led them on a high-speed chase and then walked toward them holding a large rock on his head - Full Story
March 10, 2014

Video: NM man shot by police wanted 'suicide by cop'

Prior calls made it clear the suspect wanted to commit suicide by police officer - Full Story
March 10, 2014

Calif. officers shoot knife-wielding man in 'suicide by cop'

The death of the suspect was the first homicide on a train in the Regional Transit system's history - Full Story
February 28, 2014

Audio: Man threatened to shoot citizens if 'suicide by cop' didn't happen

The recordings detail the response to a Wash. suspect's initial calls that he was seeking "suicide by cop" - Full Story
February 05, 2014

Ohio officer cleared in 'suicide by cop' case

Sgt. Jeffrey Baker shot Julie Caudill, 43, in her Ponset Street home when she opened the door holding a handgun - Full Story

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