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May 18, 2015

Supreme Court: Police immune over arrest of mentally ill woman

Left undecided question of whether police should have taken special precautions when arresting armed and violent people suffering from mental illness - Full Story
April 28, 2015

Inmate accused of killing CO wins reprieve from state judge

Attorneys Robert Lynn Pruett, 35, had several appeals before the justices hours before he was scheduled to be executed - Full Story
April 21, 2015

Justices: Traffic stop cannot be extended to bring in K-9

Supreme Court said police may not extend a traffic stop to seek evidence of crimes unrelated to the offense that prompted initial stop - Full Story
March 23, 2015

Justices to review sentences for juvenile offenders

In 2012, justices ruled that judges and juries must take account of age when sentencing those younger than 18 at the time of even the most brutal crimes - Full Story
January 12, 2015

Supreme Court won't hear dispute over DUI blood tests

Court won't hear an appeal from Colorado officials who want to make it easier for authorities to take blood samples from suspected drunk drivers without their permission or a warrant - Full Story
December 15, 2014

Court: Traffic stop OK despite mistake of law

Supreme Court says police are justified in making a traffic stop even if it turns out the officers are mistaken in thinking the driver broke the law - Full Story
October 20, 2014

Justices will decide case on warrantless access to hotel records

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to referee a dispute over police access to hotels' guest information without first getting a search warrant - Full Story
October 06, 2014
High court begins term with case on police actions

High court begins term with case on police actions

A case from NC turns on whether an officer's mistaken belief about a state law still can justify a traffic stop that led to the discovery of cocaine - Full Story
June 26, 2014
Police ready new procedures after court's cellphone search ruling

Police ready new procedures after court's cellphone search ruling

Officers are being briefed during roll calls, new procedures are in place, and prosecutors are considering the effect on potentially thousands of pending court cases - Full Story
June 16, 2014

GPS tracking drug case has left unsettled questions

A 2-year-old Supreme Court decision has caused more confusion than clarity on how police may track the whereabouts of criminal suspects - Full Story

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