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May 13, 2014

NYPD defends use of Muslim informants amid legal battle

The department announced last month that it was disbanding a unit that tracked the everyday lives of Muslims - Full Story
April 16, 2014

NYPD ends Muslim surveillance program

A special New York Police Department unit that sparked controversy by tracking the daily lives of Muslims has been disbanded - Full Story
April 15, 2014

Calif. cops record and survey crime as it happens with new tech

The system, known as wide-area surveillance, is something of a time machine — the entire city is filmed and recorded in real time - Full Story
April 10, 2014
5 UAV technologies for police

5 UAV technologies for police

The commercialization of unmanned aerial vehicles is leading to innovative, off-the-shelf tools for police uses - Full Story
March 21, 2014

Appeal filed in suit over NYPD spying on Muslims

U.S. District Judge William Martini ruled last month that the NYPD's activities were part of a lawful effort to prevent terrorism - Full Story
March 19, 2014
DHS official talks transparency at Border Security Expo

DHS official talks transparency at Border Security Expo

"Criticism drives a more responsible and better government," Alejandro Mayorkas said - Full Story
March 06, 2014

Panel to gauge concern over LAPD surveillance programs

City commission is planning a wide-ranging series of forums to examine both the impact of police surveillance programs in local communities and allegations of continued ethnic profiling within those programs - Full Story
February 24, 2014

Muslim groups concerned over tossed NYPD suit, plan appeal

Civil rights advocates said they were troubled by the dismissal of a federal lawsuit that challenged broad surveillance of Muslims by the NYPD - Full Story
February 21, 2014

Judge tosses NYPD Muslim spying lawsuit

Intelligence unit didn't discriminate against Muslims with far-reaching surveillance aimed at identifying "budding terrorist conspiracies" at mosques - Full Story
January 24, 2014

NYPD to keep close watch on Super Bowl fans

The NYPD has quietly installed about 200 temporary surveillance cameras in midtown Manhattan - Full Story

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