Wis. officer narrowly escapes critical injuries as suspect drags him with car

P-1 Editor's Note -- "Treat a car just like any other deadly weapon," says training expert Craig Stapp.

  • Don't get in a position where you're caught or trapped physically by the car (like standing in the V of an open door: if the car backs up, you're stuck.)
  • Don't stand in front of a vehicle or reach out and hold on, assuming the driver won’t take off. He might!
  • Don't grab someone inside a vehicle such that he can grab you and drive off.
  • Don't reach inside a vehicle grabbing for keys.
  • Don't stick your arm through a half-opened window.

Craig Stapp is a firearms training sergeant for the Tempe, AZ PD and a member of the Technical Advisory Board for the Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University.

By Mike Miller
The Capital Times

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