Video: Patrol car stops suspect's truck

The suspect threatened to kill a sheriff and other county officials, police said

By PoliceOne Staff

TRENTON, Ga. — Dash cam video shows a sheriff’s patrol car successfully end a pursuit with a PIT maneuver.

In the video, Hillard Allen Stevens is seen fleeing officers in a white truck until Sheriff Patrick Cannon stops the truck with his patrol car and ends the chase, leading Stevens – who police say had threatened to kill a sheriff and other county officials — to promptly surrender.

"We believe his full intentions were to kill myself, Judge McCormick and others," Cannon told WRCBTV. Officers found a loaded gun and 300 rounds of shotgun shells in the front seat of the truck.

Stevens was sent to Dade County Jail without bond. Hours before his arrest, he was scheduled to report to his probation officer, and now faces violation of probation in addition to felony charges for eluding arrest.

"We definitely are going to make sure that he remains incarcerated," Cannon said.

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