Video: Cop lays big hit on 'roof jumper' suspect

A teenage suspect tried to use rooftops to evade cops

By PoliceOne Staff

PHOENIX, Ariz. — One of six teenage suspects pulled over by police for a candy theft used rooftops to evade cops — and got tackled.

The teen ran as officers interviewed the car full of boys, who allegedly stole hundreds of dollars of candy from nearby grocers, according to My Fox Phoenix. He climbed onto a roof and jumped from home to home, and police said he would not come down.

"We gave him several opportunities to come down ... Not only did he refuse, he continued to try to escape by leaping from house to house to house," said Phoenix Police Sgt. Timothy Arendt.

Officers were reportedly cautious at first, but eventually used a ladder to climb on top of the roof and pepper spray the suspect, who sources said has a criminal history.

The teen continued to run, so officers tackled him in order to take him into custody.

"A little cooperation on his part and this could have all been avoided." Phoenix Police Sgt. Timothy Arendt said.


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