Video: Minn. cop ends chase with pit maneuver

Officer Brian Rezny got the vehicle to spin and crash into a snow-packed ditch


EAGAN, Minn.  — An officer in Eagan used a pit maneuver earlier this month to end a police chase on Interstate 35E, and dash cam video caught it all. “At that time, your adrenaline’s going pretty good,” said Officer Brian Rezny, who chased the car six miles.

Police say Steven Jones was behind the wheel, wanted for running a red light earlier the same night. Officer Tracy Harrell grabbed the stop sticks. In police dash cam video from the chase, you can see him standing on the side of the interstate, right after deploying them.

The sticks slowed Jones, but they didn’t stop him. So, using what he had been trained to do and what he had seen other officers do, Rezny tried the pit maneuver. He tapped the right back end, getting Jones’ vehicle to spin and crash into the snow-packed ditch.

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