Video: Cruiser pins burglary suspect to building

Suspect fled a halfway house and tried entering several campus buildings prior to pursuit

By PoliceOne Staff

UNIVERSITY CITY, Pa. — Pursuit of a burglary suspect on a college campus ended when a police cruiser pinned the suspect to a campus building.

Walter Johnson was seen on surveillance video trying to enter several locked buildings after having left a halfway house without permission.

Drexel police claimed he and another man were trying to break into the buildings using screwdrivers, according to ABC6.

Johnson’s lawyer Bob Levant denied their use of screwdrivers, citing they don’t appear on film. He claimed Johnson was looking for a public rest room.

"I can't get in the heads of those officers. But the video suggests that car was intentionally pointed at Mr. Johnson and driven into him," said Levant.

Philadelphia's district attorney dropped the charges Drexel filed against Johnson, according to the article.

He has been in prison since the incident for violating his parole. A new parole hearing is expected soon as well as the formal filing of a civil rights lawsuit on his behalf against Drexel University and the school police officers involved.

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