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Suspect Pursuit

Suspect Pursuit

The Suspect Pursuit topic provides tips, expert columns, and news related to police chases and high-speed pursuits. High-speed pursuits are a challenging and dangerous task that not only endanger police but also put the suspect and the public in harms way. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information and technology they need to safely and successful complete suspect pursuits.
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July 31, 2010

Utah cops in standoff with escaped Salt Lake City inmate

FoxNews.comSALT LAKE CITY — Police say a 45-year-old Idaho inmate who escaped from a work-release... - Full Story
July 30, 2010

Ohio driver in chase stopped at red lights

She told police she feared having her car impounded, which is what ended up happening anyways - Full Story
July 22, 2010
Two arrested for killing sheriff laying down spike strips

Two arrested for killing sheriff laying down spike strips

Will face death or life without parole if convicted of capital murder - Full Story
July 21, 2010

Miss. Sheriff killed while laying spike strips

By PoliceOne StaffUPDATE: The Associated Press and WLOX-TV in South Mississippi have now reported that... - Full Story
July 21, 2010

Ga. State Capitol officer shot in Atlanta

The injured cop was grazed in the head by a bullet and rushed to the hospital - Full Story
July 21, 2010

Cops chase Amish boy in horse and buggy

Levi E. Detweiler, 17, was charged with alcohol possession and 'overdriving an animal' - Full Story
July 20, 2010

Handcuffed Fla. man opened car door, escaped

Ridgh Genesis Achille, 19, escaped after complaining he was claustrophobic and couldn't breathe - Full Story
July 19, 2010

BART, Oakland cops shoot knife-wielding man

Pursuit began near Fruitvale station, where BART cop Johannes Mehserle shot and killed Oscar Grant while placing him under arrest - Full Story
July 15, 2010

Aunt of Tampa cop-killer fired from PD

Carolyn Riggins was feeding insider information that thwarted the manhunt - Full Story
July 14, 2010

'Barefoot Bandit' to face charges in US

Will face prosecution for a two-year string of break-ins and plane thefts across the US - Full Story

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