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Suspect Pursuit

Suspect Pursuit

The Suspect Pursuit topic provides tips, expert columns, and news related to police chases and high-speed pursuits. High-speed pursuits are a challenging and dangerous task that not only endanger police but also put the suspect and the public in harms way. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information and technology they need to safely and successful complete suspect pursuits.
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December 30, 2014

Video: Texas cop fatally shoots man who opened fire

Man got out of his car and raised his hands as if surrendering during the July 28 stop. He then pulled out a gun and opened fire - Full Story
December 30, 2014

Video: Calif. gunman killed, cop and bystander shot in gunbattles

Nov. 22 gunbattles between an armed parolee and an officer and two sheriff's deputies left the parolee dead and the officer and a bystander wounded - Full Story
December 21, 2014

Man kills self in La. pursuit, injuring couple

Man wanted in Oklahoma killed himself during a pursuit, causing his truck to hit a car and seriously injure a couple - Full Story
December 19, 2014
Fatal SXSW crash by man fleeing police brings first wave of lawsuits

Fatal SXSW crash by man fleeing police brings first wave of lawsuits

Suspect gunned his gray Honda Civic through a barricade after an officer on a drunken-driving patrol tried stopping the car - Full Story
December 18, 2014

Mom driving van of kids pleads not guilty in NM pursuit

Tenn. woman has pleaded not guilty in a chaotic 2013 traffic stop during which an officer shot at her minivan - Full Story
December 16, 2014

Idaho police pursue cow after butcher shop escape

1,000-pound cow jumped a 6-foot fence and bolted through the streets before police shot and killed it following a lengthy pursuit - Full Story
December 15, 2014
Pa. officer killed in crash during pursuit

Pa. officer killed in crash during pursuit

Officer was killed Sunday in a two-vehicle accident while pursuing a third vehicle - Full Story
December 10, 2014

Calif. deputy who arrested Mel Gibson could get job back

Deputy contends he was the victim of retaliation following his 2006 arrest of Gibson - Full Story
December 09, 2014
Death penalty sought in Calif. deputy killings

Death penalty sought in Calif. deputy killings

Utah man charged with killing two deputies during an hourslong rampage that also left a motorist and another deputy wounded - Full Story
December 09, 2014

SC man sentenced for shooting at cop over seat belt violation

21-year-old man was ordered to serve 25 years in prison for shooting at police after he ran from a state trooper in 2013 - Full Story

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