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Suspect Pursuit

Suspect Pursuit

The Suspect Pursuit topic provides tips, expert columns, and news related to police chases and high-speed pursuits. High-speed pursuits are a challenging and dangerous task that not only endanger police but also put the suspect and the public in harms way. This topic is aimed at arming officers with the information and technology they need to safely and successful complete suspect pursuits.
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January 28, 2015

Trending Topics: Why a cuffed suspect can still be a threat

By PoliceOne Staff In our latest installment of ‘Trending Topics,’ we take a look at five... - Full Story
January 27, 2015

Video: 12 Idaho cops cleared in freeway shootout, body cam released

Several officers said they saw rounds striking near them and heard them whizzing by - Full Story
January 27, 2015
Appeals court weighs lawsuit in DC shooting of fleeing suspect

Appeals court weighs lawsuit in DC shooting of fleeing suspect

Justice Department, which is defending the two deputy U.S. marshals being sued, says driver was shot only after he struck one of them with his car - Full Story
January 27, 2015

Video: Pa. woman steals cruiser while cuffed, leads pursuit

Police believe woman squeezed through an opening in the partition that wasn't latched and crawled into the front seat before zooming off - Full Story
January 23, 2015
Video: SC man claims to be cop, tries to stop wife's arrest after pursuit

Video: SC man claims to be cop, tries to stop wife's arrest after pursuit

As officers surrounded the vehicle, 34-year-old Calvin Logan, the suspect's husband, exited a nearby car and approached police, claiming to be an officer - Full Story
January 21, 2015

Video: UFC fighter TASERed by police, arrested after pursuit

The former fighter ignored multiple commands to get on the ground, insisting the officers show some ID - Full Story
January 20, 2015

Motorist crashes car, steals cruiser, drags officer before arrested

The 26-year-old man, who is believed to have been operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was arrested after he drove the cruiser into a snowbank - Full Story
January 20, 2015

Mother of teen girl suspected in crime spree arrested

Sherry Peters is accused of taking 13-year-old Cheyenne Phillips from her father's house when she did not have the custodial rights to - Full Story
January 17, 2015

Mo. police chief apologizes after officers cuff wrong man after chase

Police were pursuing a fleeing vehicle when it struck another car; the man in the other car was then arrested - Full Story
January 16, 2015

Ohio woman with 5 kids in vehicle charged after pursuit

Woman was drunk when she sped away from police in an SUV that later crashed and flipped with five children inside, ejecting a 2-year-old boy - Full Story

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