Video: Country star arrested on dash cam

An intoxicated man didn't have ID, but said his name was Randy Travis

By PoliceOne Staff

SANGER, Texas — Police released dash cam of country star Randy Travis' arrest earlier this month on suspicion of public intoxication.

Officer Carl Parker approached a vehicle in a church parking lot and reportedly smelled alcohol on the breath of the man in the driver's seat, according to NBC DFW. The man said he didn't have ID, but that his name was Randy Travis. When Travis was asked if he had anything to drink, he said yes.

"But I am not driving, as you can see," Travis said.

In the video, a few more officers arrive and Parker is heard talking to dispatch off-camera. After more questioning, police tell Travis he is under arrest for public intoxication. Travis is apparently taken aback when officers get ready to handcuff him, and in the patrol car later, he complains about having to wear them.

"Yeah, put these [expletive] handcuffs on somebody who — yeah, I'm about as threatening as a cat," Travis said while waiting for the gate to the jail to open.

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