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Suspect Transport

Suspect Transport

The Suspect Transport topic area gives officers the training and tools they need to safely complete the unique mission of transporting a suspect from one jail facility to another. The task can be one of the most dangerous periods of time for the officers charged with that duty, as subjects often see the ride as their last, best chance for escape.
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June 29, 2012

Video: Teen cries in back of cruiser after killing parents

'I didn't even mean to hurt them,' said distraught 14-year-old the morning of his parents' fatal shooting - Full Story
June 25, 2012

Cops: Man threw wife from car, attacked Wash. trooper

Man taken into custody broke out the patrol car window, climbed out and attacked - Full Story
June 09, 2012

Man attempts suicide in back of Ind. police car

Police said the man, despite wearing handcuffs, was able to maneuver his body and wrap the belt around his neck - Full Story
May 28, 2012

Milwaukee police release video showing conduct of fired officer

Richard Schoen hit a female prisoner who was handcuffed in the back of his squad - Full Story
May 27, 2012

Teen urinates in back of Fla. patrol car

Deputy directed suspect to 'try and hold it like an adult' - Full Story
May 25, 2012

Video: Fla. doctor has violent outburst in back of cruiser

Suspect has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer for spitting blood in a trooper's face - Full Story
April 22, 2012

Wash. woman gets 30 days for starting fire in patrol car

Apparently started the fire by lighting an article of her clothing with a cigarette lighter - Full Story
February 28, 2012

Pa. officers stay professional toward extremely vulgar suspect

An editorial commends Troopers Joseph Ross and Thomas Keegan for staying calm during an altercation in which the suspect acted so offensively the video could not be released - Full Story

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