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Suspect Transport

Suspect Transport

The Suspect Transport topic area gives officers the training and tools they need to safely complete the unique mission of transporting a suspect from one jail facility to another. The task can be one of the most dangerous periods of time for the officers charged with that duty, as subjects often see the ride as their last, best chance for escape.
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Police: Mumbling Pa. suspect had mouthful of crack

23 individually wrapped pieces of crack cocaine fell from the mouth of a drug suspect - Full Story


Police: Ohio man shot pets, cop, himself

Injured Deputy Charles Crausaz was reportedly in fair condition Tuesday morning - Full Story


Report: Texas woman performed sex act in cruiser

Sources said two suspects engaged in oral sex while handcuffed, one claims she was resting - Full Story


Video: Handcuffed prisoner escapes from squad car

The officer involved was originally issued a three-day suspension - Full Story


Case Study: In-custody death and a 'perfect storm' of errors

Case Study: In-custody death and a 'perfect storm' of errors

Small slips in tactics and making assumptions can quickly compound into calamity - Full Story


Video: A closer look at 'perp walks'

CNN reviews the practice and takes a look at some of the best perp walks ever - Full Story


Video: Cuffed man jumps from moving squad

The officer had lowered the rear window because the suspect was feeling ill - Full Story


Possible serial killer link on NY beach road

Police say that four bodies were systematically dumped, perhaps over a period of 18 months or longer - Full Story

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New cruisers tested as Crown Vic heads to graveyard

New cruisers tested as Crown Vic heads to graveyard

Excitement is especially high this vehicle-testing season. Several vehicles, including the Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Caprice and Ford Interceptor, are making their police debut as the Crown Victoria is retired.

- Full Story

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