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Tactical EMS / TEMS

Tactical EMS / TEMS

The Tactical EMS / TEMS topic area gives officers all the relevant news and information they need to keep up to date on this ever-changing element of critical injury care and medical response. Self-care, buddy care, and basic life support functions like burn treatment and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) are among the most important areas of knowledge a cop must have.
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March 12, 2014
NY State Police double national average for AED 'saves'

NY State Police double national average for AED 'saves'

"In the last several years, hundreds of New Yorkers who went into sudden cardiac arrest were saved thanks to the training, dedication and quick action of the New York State Police" - Full Story
March 11, 2014

1,500 Ind. officers to receive trauma kits

The department raised $150,000 with the help of other organizations so that each officer is equipped with the kits - Full Story
February 20, 2014

Spanish police apologize for erotic CPR video

People were offended by the "Super Sexy CPR" video, forcing the department to apologize - Full Story
February 19, 2014

New medical kit may have saved Dallas cop shot 3 times

It was the first time Dallas police used the medical kit, which includes a tourniquet, special anti-clotting gauze and bandages - Full Story
February 10, 2014

Video: Cop criticized for failing to help off-duty officer aid crash victims

Pinecrest Officer Ana Carrasco claims that she didn't help the victims because her training prevented her from moving the bodies - Full Story
January 28, 2014
LA police train to use combat-style trauma kits

LA police train to use combat-style trauma kits

8,000 trauma kits will be given to officers after they've completed their training, thanks to funds raised by the Los Angeles Police Foundation - Full Story
January 02, 2014

Md. cop revives 9-day-old baby roadside

Officer Ben Crumlin was flagged down by a couple whose newborn baby stopped breathing - Full Story
December 19, 2013

Ind. state trooper revives diabetic driver of donut truck

Trooper Korey Mauck noticed the delivery truck partially parked on the median and administered a tube of glucose to the unresponsive driver - Full Story
December 16, 2013
Conn. officers honored for saving strangled baby

Conn. officers honored for saving strangled baby

Sgt. David Parratt and Officer James Duda were honored with Lifesaving medals for their actions in saving a baby boy - Full Story
November 23, 2013

Calif. police officer saves 1-year-old child

The officer was commended by the department for his quick action and calm demeanor in helping save the infant's life - Full Story

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