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New tech transforms Idaho police response to school emergencies

The new system requires school staff to wear wireless security badges connected to the district's WiFi system to communicate to police dispatchers - Full Story


$150M tech investment could pull Detroit cops out of dark ages

At the Detroit Police Department, the city would spend $38 million on tech improvements, including what it calls a "fully integrated public safety IT system" - Full Story


Texas police app reports incidents to union attorneys

When police encounter a sticky situation — ranging from officer-involved shootings to death in custody cases — there's now an app for that - Full Story


Conn. news photographer sues police over drone incident

Conn. news photographer sues police over drone incident

A local television news photographer whose use of a drone at a fatal car accident came under question has filed a civil rights lawsuit against police - Full Story


What cops need to know about Real ID Tim Dees - Police Tech & Gear

What cops need to know about Real ID

The ID cards themselves will have to contain, at a minimum, the bearer’s full name, signature, date of birth, gender, principal address, a front-facing photo, and a unique number - Full Story


Product Review: The RangerX rugged tablet Lindsey J. Bertomen - Police Products

Product Review: The RangerX rugged tablet

The RangerX tablet uses a rugged display glass and a plastic encased magnesium frame with corner bumpers - Full Story


Roll Call: Off-duty cop kills robber, Widow fights for ballistic glass

For the week of February 14, Dave Smith discusses the police chief that wants his officers tweeting at crime scenes, a widow's fight for ballistic glass in squads, a reserve officer punished for carrying on school grounds, and this week’s Not Today moment.


NM mayor lifts ten-year ban on 'Cops'

A decade after Albuquerque's mayor banned "Cops" from filming in NM's largest city, the reality show is returning - Full Story


Calif. police use Pinterest board for stolen items

Through the Pinterest online bulletin board, police officers are uploading photos of recovered goods - Full Story


New Colo. patrol program takes data-driven approach

DDACTS is an operational model that integrates location-based crime and traffic crash data to determine the most effective methods for deploying police - Full Story

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