Countering terrorist teams, part 2: The different response

Editor's note: Two weeks after the attacks in Mumbai, India—in which fewer than a dozen militants held at bay some 800 police for 60 hours—PoliceOne presented a special report consisting of articles from PoliceOne Columnists Lt. Dan Marcou and Sgt. Glenn French, as well as analysis from Stratfor and opinion from P1 members. Today we present part two in this three-part series from PoliceOne Columnist Dick Fairburn on the important subject of police readiness and training for a Mumbai-style attack. Be sure to check out part one here, and watch for part three in coming weeks.

In part one, I outlined the need for police agencies to establish policies and training for a response to teams of terrorist active shooters attacking their community like the attacks we recently saw in Mumbai, India. In recent years, we have taken a major step toward the necessarily cohesive, team-oriented response techniques by developing Active Shooter Response tactics.

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