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Terrorism Prevention and Response

Terrorism Prevention and Response

Because American cops are on the front lines in counterterrorism, the Terrorism Prevention and Response topic page is updated with news and information to protect the homeland from all enemies, foreign and domestic. From lone wolf domestic terrorists to radical Islamist jihadists, terrorism existed in the U.S. long before 9/11 and will remain a looming threat.
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Tightened Border After Sept. 11 Nets Drug Dealers, Fugitives

The Associated Press DETROIT (AP) - Tighter security at border crossings with Canada following the Sept.... - Full Story


Gun Course in U.S. is Focus at British Terrorism Trial

Web Site Offered 'Jihad Challenge' by T.R. Reid, Washington Post LONDON - Sakina Security Services offered... - Full Story


U.S. Deported 131 Pakistanis in Secret Airlift

Diplomatic Issues Cited; No Terror Ties Found by Steve Fainaru, Washington Post NEW YORK -- In a highly... - Full Story


Sept. 11 Hijackers Said to Fake Data on Bank Accounts

by James Risen, The New York Times WASHINGTON - The Sept. 11 hijackers were able to open 35 American... - Full Story


EPA Found Unready for Terrorism

Report Says Chemical, Other Attacks Could Overwhelm Agency by Eric Pianin, Washington Post An internal... - Full Story


Jewelry Stores Raided in Al Qaeda-Related Probe

by Dan Eggen, Washington Post The FBI and the Immigration and Naturalization Service have raided 75 jewelry... - Full Story


FBI and FAA Issue Alerts for Civil and General Aviation Pilots and Airports

The FBI has instructed law enforcement officials to be mindful that terrorists may be interested in using... - Full Story


Cyber Attacks Against Energy Firms on the Rise

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Power and energy companies have become targets for computer hackers who have managed... - Full Story


Incident Points Up Gap in New Security Plans

Many Agencies Still Share Safety Chores by Greg Schneider and Sara Kehaulani Goo, Washington Post The... - Full Story


Agency to Put More Armed Guards at Airports

The New York Times WASHINGTON - The new federal agency responsible for airline security said today that... - Full Story

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