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Terrorism Prevention and Response

Terrorism Prevention and Response

Because American cops are on the front lines in counterterrorism, the Terrorism Prevention and Response topic page is updated with news and information to protect the homeland from all enemies, foreign and domestic. From lone wolf domestic terrorists to radical Islamist jihadists, terrorism existed in the U.S. long before 9/11 and will remain a looming threat.
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September 29, 2011
Plan to bomb Pentagon with model plane thwarted

Plan to bomb Pentagon with model plane thwarted

Rezwan Ferdaus was arrested Wednesday and accused of plotting an assault on the Pentagon and US Capitol using remote-controlled aircraft armed with explosives. (AP Image) Affidavit: Used jihad websites
September 23, 2011
NY 'Demographics Unit' under scrutiny

NY 'Demographics Unit' under scrutiny

Documents describe a secret program intended to catalog life inside Muslim neighborhoods as people immigrated, got jobs, became citizens, and started businesses. (AP Photo)
Help from the CIA
September 10, 2011
Cops who gave their lives for freedom

Cops who gave their lives for freedom

This is an essay for my friends, all brave men, who willingly ran into those burning towers and participated in the largest rescue mission ever in the history of New York City - in the name of our security. (PoliceOne Image)
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