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Terrorism Prevention and Response

Terrorism Prevention and Response

Because American cops are on the front lines in counterterrorism, the Terrorism Prevention and Response topic page is updated with news and information to protect the homeland from all enemies, foreign and domestic. From lone wolf domestic terrorists to radical Islamist jihadists, terrorism existed in the U.S. long before 9/11 and will remain a looming threat.
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May 03, 2010
NYPD interviews registered owner of car bomb SUV

NYPD interviews registered owner of car bomb SUV

Investigators have spoken to the registered owner of an SUV used as a homemade car bomb. Police claim it's too early to say whether the failed terrorist attack was of foreign or domestic origin. Investigation making 'substantial progress'
April 12, 2010
NYC police fight terror beneath streets

NYC police fight terror beneath streets

Responding to increased terrorism threats, police officers have employed bomb-sniffing dogs, high-tech explosive detection devices and security cameras to protect the sprawling 468 subway stations. Full story

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