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July 13, 2015

Austin PD wants 410 cops for community policing

Austin police plans to more than double the amount of officers in the next few years - Full Story
July 10, 2015

Why Texas police top the list of overtime earners

U.S. Labor Department confirmed its Wage and Hour Division is investigating the Austin Police Department - Full Story
July 10, 2015

Man dies after attacking Texas police chief

After wrestling with officer during arrest, man was unresponsive and cause undetermined - Full Story
July 01, 2015

Judge issues gag order in Texas biker shooting case

Order was issued Tuesday in lawsuit arising from May brawl in which nine bikers were killed and 177 people arrested - Full Story
November 22, 2014
Texas to extend border plan without National Guard

Texas to extend border plan without National Guard

As government downsizes its presence on Texas border, officials are proposing that when 1K Guard troops go home, they will be replaced with state troopers - Full Story
November 13, 2014

Good Samaritans tackle Texas man fleeing in stolen squad

A suspect who opened fire on an officer before fleeing in a squad car was taken to the ground by Good Samaritans - Full Story
October 22, 2014

Video: 3 arrested in brawl with Texas officers

Cameras were rolling Sunday morning when San Antonio Police Department officers engaged in a violent struggle downtown - Full Story
October 21, 2014

Manhunt underway after officer shot in Texas

Officer had made a traffic stop on a car when another person passed by and fired several gunshots - Full Story
September 19, 2014

Texas cop injured after clinging to tree in flooding

Officer radioed for help, but because it came at the same moment of the Travis County deputy rescue effort, there was some difficulty - Full Story
September 19, 2014
Body of Texas sheriff's deputy found in lake

Body of Texas sheriff's deputy found in lake

Divers found the body of a missing Central Texas sheriff's deputy Friday, a day after her patrol car was found swamped by floodwaters - Full Story

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