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Why texting is the next big thing in gang codes Gary Klivans - Cracking Gang Codes

Why texting is the next big thing in gang codes

With the popularity of "texting", abbreviations are being added to gang documents and written in code - Full Story


Pa. police face unique set of challenges with texting law

Unless a driver admits or a passenger tells police that a driver was sending a message, it's difficult to make a texting-while-driving citation stick - Full Story


Police catch distracted drivers on camera

Police have released footage capturing a slew of distracted drivers doing everything from brushing their teeth to texting on their cell phone while on the road.


'Haunting' doc on dangers of texting and driving getting acclaim

Werner Herzog's 35-minute video will be distributed to more than 40,000 high schools.


'Anti-texting' specialty vehicles designed to catch distracted drivers

The vehicles are part of Gov. Cuomo's plan to cut down on distracted driving.
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