Video: Trooper stops wrong-way driver in nick of time

Lt. said trooper likely prevented a tragedy with his split-second thinking to place his cruiser in the path of an errant vehicle

By PoliceOne Staff

PORTLAND, Maine — Dash cam captured a Maine State Trooper put a stop to a wrong-way driver without a second to spare.

On June 29, Trooper Douglas Cropper spotted a 2010 Toyota Corolla driving north in the southbound lane and tried to flag it down, The Portland Press Herald reported. When driver Kenneth Gill, 88, kept moving, Cropper immediately raced to get on the highway.

In the video, Cropper enters I-295 road from the correct side, then crosses the median and positions his patrol car to intercept the wayward vehicle. Seconds later, the Corolla hits the cruiser's hood.

Two Lewiston residents told the newspaper they were moments away from a head-on crash and fishtailed as they stopped just short of the cruiser.

"[Cropper] could have sat there and done nothing and we could have picked up the pieces, or do what he did and quite possibly prevent a tragedy from occurring," Lt. Louis Nyitray said.

No injuries were reported.

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