Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

The Traffic Enforcement / Highway Patrol topic area serves as a resource for the latest developments in traffic enforcement tactics and techniques. The open road affords many opportunities to catch wanted felons, help stranded motorist, and without proper protection, injure or kill the peacekeepers who patrol those highways and byways.
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December 25, 2012
Officer among 2 fatally shot in Texas

Officer among 2 fatally shot in Texas

A Houston traffic stop ended with a gunman shooting and killing a police officer and a bystander on Christmas Eve - Full Story
November 19, 2012

Ohio courts knocking down construction-zone enforcement penalties

Newspaper's analysis shows most fines reduced or dismissed for those who go to court; Lt. says officers feel they are being second-guessed by courts, prosecutors - Full Story
October 29, 2012
Judge: Aurora police justified in actions to find robber

Judge: Aurora police justified in actions to find robber

The traffic stop triggered a barrage of criticism from motorists who said police blocked their cars while officers searched for the robber - Full Story
October 24, 2012

Vroom! Nation's fastest road to open in Texas

The toll road is intended to help alleviate the increasingly crowded Interstate 35, with a speed limit of 85 mph - Full Story
September 26, 2012

Wash. trooper takes hit to stop wrong-way driver

When a taxi driver boxed him in, trooper knew erratic driver was heading his way - Full Story
September 21, 2012

Video: Police roadblock scatters stunt motorcycle riders

A group of bikers claims police used "excessive force" by creating a roadblock - Full Story
September 20, 2012

N.J. driver license face-recognition technology prohibits smiles

New Jersey launched new face-recognition software that forbids license applicants from smiling widely or making other exaggerated facial expressions - Full Story
September 20, 2012

Video: Officer saves woman from drunk collision

Lubbock, Texas Officer Philip Standefer's quick reaction saved woman who had just been in minor traffic collision - Full Story
September 14, 2012

Miami police fire cop pulled over by FHP

Video of the pursuit and arrest ignited an apparent feud between Miami police and the FHP - Full Story
September 10, 2012
NC trooper killed deploying stop sticks

NC trooper killed deploying stop sticks

Highway Patrol officials say Trooper Bobby G. Demuth was struck and killed Saturday morning near Spring Hope - Full Story

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