Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

The Traffic Enforcement / Highway Patrol topic area serves as a resource for the latest developments in traffic enforcement tactics and techniques. The open road affords many opportunities to catch wanted felons, help stranded motorist, and without proper protection, injure or kill the peacekeepers who patrol those highways and byways.
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Md. motorist accused of attack on officer

By Doug Donovan Baltimore Sun BALTIMORE, Md. — Baltimore police arrested a man yesterday on charges of... - Full Story


Travis Yates - Police Driving:
Safety Behind the Wheel

"Hypermiling" the law enforcement way

By Travis Yateshypermile v. to take extraordinary measures toward achieving maximum fuel efficiency in an automobil... - Full Story


N.Y. police scan cars with high-tech cameras

By Michael Frazier Newsday LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — A symphony of bleeps inside the Long Beach police cruiser... - Full Story


Chicago police will soon monitor "bus cams"

By Jon Van The Chicago Tribune CHICAGO — Chicago police in patrol cars soon will be able to peer inside... - Full Story


Buying & wearing sunglasses

There are always debates on the use of any equipment down to your underwear. One of the debates I find... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


DUI checkpoints praised as deterrent but don't yield the most arrests in Va.

By Jim Nolan and Bill Mckelway Richmond Times-Dispatch RICHMOND, Va. — On a moonlit spring evening... - Full Story


La. deputy dies in car wreck responding to false 911 call

By Daniel Monteverde New Orleans Times-Picayune Read Officer Down North Shore, La. — A St. Tammany Parish... - Full Story


Drunk driver injures N.Y. officer in collision

By Zachary R. Dowdy Newsday NORTH PATCHOGUE, N.Y. — A North Patchogue teen was driving drunk from one... - Full Story


Traffic stop in Colo. nets 177 pounds of marijuana

The Associated Press FORT MORGAN, Colo. — Two Phoenix residents are on immigration hold in Colorado's... - Full Story


Hit-and-run driver injures Conn. officer

By VANESSA DE LA TORRE Hartford Courant BERLIN, Conn.— A police officer was injured Saturday night when... - Full Story

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