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Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

The Traffic Enforcement / Highway Patrol topic area serves as a resource for the latest developments in traffic enforcement tactics and techniques. The open road affords many opportunities to catch wanted felons, help stranded motorist, and without proper protection, injure or kill the peacekeepers who patrol those highways and byways.
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Shooting deaths of Mo. motorists draw scrutiny

By Jeremy Kohler ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH A defiant driver. A moving vehicle. A scared cop. Lincoln County... - Full Story


Your turn signal can keep you safe on stops

There is a trick I use to keep myself safe on the side of the highway. We have over 28 miles of I-75... - Full Story


Reflective clothing & cars

See: 7 tips for officer roadside safety I have noticed something quite alarming amongst US officers... - Full Story


7 tips for roadside officer safety Scott Buhrmaster - Topics & Tactics for Law Enforcement

7 tips for roadside officer safety

All images courtesy of Copshots.com In a matter of a day’s time, two officers are dead and one is i... - Full Story


Body language and the value of critiquing

Video: Broadband DialupDuty Sheet and Lesson Plan Download Windows Media Player The... - Full Story


U.S. highway fatalities, alcohol-related deaths decline for second year

By KEN THOMAS Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON- Traffic deaths declined and fewer people were killed... - Full Story


Trunk Precaution

This clip from In the Line of Duty, one of the finest producers of law enforcement training videos on... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Five driving safety tips

In the past three decades officer deaths in vehicle collisions have risen 40 percent. As law enforcement... - Full Story Secure - Login Required


Five driving safety tips Travis Yates - Police Driving:
Safety Behind the Wheel

Five driving safety tips

In the past three decades officer deaths in vehicle collisions have risen 40 percent. As law enforcement de... - Full Story


2005 Honda Odyssey Hidden Compartments

I am a Deputy Constable with Travis County (Austin, Texas). I thought I would share a vehicle that officers... - Full Story Secure - Login Required

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