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Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

The Traffic Enforcement / Highway Patrol topic area serves as a resource for the latest developments in traffic enforcement tactics and techniques. The open road affords many opportunities to catch wanted felons, help stranded motorist, and without proper protection, injure or kill the peacekeepers who patrol those highways and byways.
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Video: FHP trooper chases car the wrong way at 100-mph

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper has resigned after an internal affairs investigation determined numerous policy violations - Full Story


Setting up an automatic license plate recognition system Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - 10-43: Be Advised...

Setting up an automatic license plate recognition system

To really take advantage of your license plate recognition camera, you need to integrate the camera with dedicated LPR software - Full Story


Tenn. PD donates patrol cars to needy agencies

Alderman Mark Payne, who made the motion to donate the patrol cars, said he thought it was the right thing to do for the two financially strapped towns - Full Story


Texas considers 85 mph speed limit on toll road

If state decides to go this route, that segment of road would have the highest posted speed limit in the country - Full Story


Video: NJ admits unreasonable force in 2009 arrest

Officer involved wrote in report that the subject did several things to provoke a forceful response - Full Story


No OUI charges for Texas DA candidate's husband

Drug paraphernalia was also found in vehicle; lack of breathalyzer, SFST, or blood draw cited by county atty. - Full Story


Troubled Conn. tribal police seek bigger casino role

tribe has been pressing for its own police to replace state troopers inside its Foxwoods Resort Casino - Full Story


P1 First Person: Applying active-shooter training to driving PoliceOne Special Contributors - P1 First Person

P1 First Person: Applying active-shooter training to driving

The roadway is now the hallway — scanning left and right, you call out, "Bicycle left... clear!" and move on - Full Story


Video: Fla. doctor has violent outburst in back of cruiser

Suspect has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer for spitting blood in a trooper's face - Full Story


Alaska trooper gets text seeking illegal buy

A message seeking an alcohol purchase was errantly sent to an Alaska State Trooper - Full Story

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