Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol

The Traffic Enforcement / Highway Patrol topic area serves as a resource for the latest developments in traffic enforcement tactics and techniques. The open road affords many opportunities to catch wanted felons, help stranded motorist, and without proper protection, injure or kill the peacekeepers who patrol those highways and byways.
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April 18, 2011
Wash. passes 'biker-profiling' law

Wash. passes 'biker-profiling' law

Bikers in Washington state are celebrating a new law that prohibits police from profiling motorcycle riders. They say it has been a major problem over the years, but we’d like to hear what you think. Video: Biker won't remove helmet
April 16, 2011
Squad windows: Open or shut?

Squad windows: Open or shut?

What if you were told that your department was now hiring officers who had almost no sense of smell and as much as eighty percent hearing loss? You'd be shocked, right? But are you using all your senses? (AP Image)
April 13, 2011
Witnesses: Slain Ark. officer rescued partner

Witnesses: Slain Ark. officer rescued partner

Arkansas Officer Jonathan Schmidt was shot and killed during a traffic stop Tuesday night. He and another officer were walking toward the vehicle when the suspect opened fire. Shooter in custody

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