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Can 'suicide prevention' stop mass shootings? Rick Wall - Police and Persons with Mental Illnesses

Can 'suicide prevention' stop mass shootings?

While searching for protective measures such as increased security, we may be overlooking the most significant way to prevent future incidents: suicide prevention - Full Story


The challenges of Urban Shield: Sharpened skills, broadened minds PoliceOne Special Contributors - P1 First Person

The challenges of Urban Shield: Sharpened skills, broadened minds

Urban Shield training in 2013 is designed to ensure our region remains better able to contend with the broad range of events we may face - Full Story


Urban Shield 2013: So much more than a 'SWAT thing' Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - Be Advised...

Urban Shield 2013: So much more than a 'SWAT thing'

Urban Shield is designed to strengthen preparedness— whether for a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or a lone gunman in an elementary school - Full Story


Throwback: 1976 'Vehicle Ambush'

Police training film regarding the use of cars as weapons by criminals. Produced by the California State Police and distributed by the United States Agency for International Development in 1976.


Be the one

Police Trainer and columnist Richard Fairburn discusses his concept of Be the One -- the mentality that you have the power and the control to end a deadly situation -- with Law Enforcement Expert Dave Smith.


P1 Roll Call: Teen with fake rifle killed, Cop turns theft into lesson

For the week of October 25, Dave Smith warns of two anti-police groups, and reflects on a cop's good deed when she purchased groceries for a woman and her hungry children after she was caught stealing food, the tragic death of a teen armed with replica guns, and yet another school shooting.


Crimes against cops

PoliceOne Editor In Chief Doug Wyllie discusses with Chief Joel Shults of the Adams State College Police Department the concept of police officers actually being victims of crimes (such as assault).


TAC-30 SIRT Training

The TAC-30 SWAT team shows their training regimen with the SIRT Training Pistol.


P1 Roll Call: 63 Ohio police suspended, officer dragged during traffic stop

For the week of October 18, Dave Smith discusses a picture of a Boston cop that caught the nation's attention, an Ohio pursuit that resulted in the suspension of 63 officers, a state trooper who was injured after jumping into a suspect's vehicle, a family's 8-year legal battle with the Department of Justice over a fallen officer's death benefits, and a "Not Today" moment regarding traffic stops.

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