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Awareness Protective Consultants

Awareness Protective Consultants
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About Awareness Protective Consultants:
Awareness Protective Consultants LLC has the top business trainers and consultants in the country that are well versed in use of force training, survival training, and active shooter instructor certifications just to name a few. Our onsite trainers and consultants are dedicated to providing you with the most useful and up-to-date information with a strong sense of education in mind.

Awareness Protective Consultants Training Courses

10/19/15 Ballistic Shield Instructor Program Germantown, Wisconsin
10/19/15 Advanced SWAT Concepts 5 Day Program Florham Park, New Jersey
11/09/15 Commander Training: Critical Incident Management Jackson , New Jersey
11/12/15 Telecommunications Operators Active Shooter Training Florham Park, New Jersey
11/16/15 Police Service Rifle Instructor Program North Bergen, New Jersey
11/18/15 Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Instructor Program Jackson, New Jersey