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About SIG SAUER Academy:
SIG SAUER® Academy, formerly SIGARMS Academy, is committed to providing safe, responsible and accurate firearms training and courses for self-defense. As a matter of fact, our training procedures are grounded in the leading research from the legal, medical, psychological and physiological fields. And we were the first private facility to use only environmentally responsible ammunition. That's why SIG SAUER Academy has been the benchmark for the most comprehensive and up-to-date firearms and tactical training available.

SIG SAUER Academy Training Courses

10/11/16 SIG SAUER Classic Line Pistols Obetz, Ohio
10/13/16 SIG SAUER M400/M16/M4/AR15 Rifle Obetz, Ohio
10/14/16 SIG SAUER P320 Obetz, Ohio
10/17/16 SWAT 1 - Basic SWAT Operator Epping, New Hampshire
10/19/16 Designated Marksman Epping, New Hampshire
10/19/16 SIG SAUER Classic Line Pistols Richmond, Virginia
10/24/16 SWAT II - Advanced SWAT Operator Epping, New Hampshire

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