Are You on Patrol This Weekend?

When I was a kid, Independence Day was one of my favorite holidays. It meant a fun-filled party at someone’s house followed by the big fireworks show in town, and the exhilarating knowledge that it was only mid-summer, still weeks before school started. Now, after 28 years on the street, I have a very different, some might say cynical, view of the Fourth of July. If you, like me, will be working this holiday weekend, here are a few things to be mindful of:

“Routine” Fireworks Calls
You’re probably going to be running to hundreds of fireworks calls and noise complaints. Don’t assume every “pop” heard is simply an M80 or a bottle rocket; don’t let routine lull you into letting your guard down. Criminals have been known to use the noise of fireworks to disguise gunfire or create an ambush for responding officers. And if you end up confiscating some of those illegal fireworks, use extreme caution when transporting and storing them, even commercial fireworks can be extremely unstable.

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