Special training helps Ill. troopers make giant heroin bust

Troopers took notice of a nervous Rodlofo Hernandez-Flores and uncovered $250K in drugs

By Roche Madden
Fox 2 Now

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. — Illinois lawmakers have gone on record as saying there’s a state of emergency when it comes to the problem with heroin.

That made a recent bust near Collinsville all the more rewarding.

Top law enforcers are saluting the Illinois State Police troopers who pulled over 46-year-old Rodlofo Hernandez-Flores of Tijuana Mexico. He’s charged with carrying 5 and half kilos of heroin, street value $250,000,  in his truck through Madison County. Troopers in the ISPNarcotics Interdiction Unit have gone through a lot of specialized training. When they pull someone over, it’s as if they’ve been educated to read a motorist’s mind.

Full Story: Illinois State Troopers praised for big heroin drug bust

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