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PoliceOne’s Police Training and Law Enforcement Training course resources help to keep officers safer on the street by providing access to information which supports professional development and improve training. Find a police training course, seminar or conference, research police training products, advance your career with criminal justice courses or review training tips and officer safety information.
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March 25, 2013

Mass. police broadcast 'what it takes to be a cop'

Videos that debut on the department's social media pages show what the life of a cop is like for aspiring recruits - Full Story
March 23, 2013
KC fights violent crime with incentive program

KC fights violent crime with incentive program

An alternative law enforcement approach offers incentives to convicted and would-be criminals to change their ways - Full Story
March 21, 2013
Legalizing pot means re-training for drug-sniffing K-9s

Legalizing pot means re-training for drug-sniffing K-9s

Training has changed for the marijuana-sniffing K-9s of Washington state - Full Story
March 19, 2013

Why the LVNR isn't a 'choke hold'

The term Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint® System (or LVNR®) is trademarked to protect the integrity of the system and to distinguish it from other systems of neck control - Full Story
March 12, 2013

Training with weapon-mounted lights

Whenever you alter something about one of your pieces of gear — like adding a rail-mounted light — you have to include the appropriate level of training - Full Story
March 08, 2013

Dallas police chief prohibits use of MDCs in non-emergencies

He states that only in life-threatening situations should police be typing while driving - Full Story
March 08, 2013

911 recording that changed police response policy revealed

Part of the recording was leaked, in which the victim can be heard pleading with her attacker - Full Story
February 27, 2013

58-year-old joins police force, keeps up with rookies

"I want my obituary to say retired police officer. It’s important to me" - Full Story
February 27, 2013

Video: Armed law student's argument with police goes viral

A law student – who was apparently visibly toting a gun around town – is seen on a mobile phone video arguing with police - Full Story
February 25, 2013
NYPD tactics slash murder rate

NYPD tactics slash murder rate

One approach involves charging teen gang members with conspiracy, using taunts and threats they post on social-media sites - Full Story

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