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12/07/15 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Canton, Michigan
12/07/15 NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor Development School Richmond, California
12/07/15 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Filer, Idaho
12/07/15 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Birmingham, Alabama
12/07/15 Excel for Public Safety by Police Technical Humble, Texas
12/07/15 Open Source Investigations by POLICE TECHNICAL Dearborn, Michigan
12/07/15 NRA Precision Rifle Instructor Development School Las Vegas, Nevada
12/07/15 NRA Select Fire Instructor Development School Florence, Alabama
12/07/15 3 day-The Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation® Cincinnati, Ohio
12/07/15 3+1-Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation + The Adv. Course® Cincinnati, Ohio
12/07/15 PRW Police Sniper Basic Pueblo, Colorado
12/07/15 Property and Evidence Room Management Altamonte Springs, Florida
12/07/15 Advanced Techniques for Unresolved Death Investigations Jacksonville, Florida
12/07/15 TASER Instructor Course Scottsdale, Arizona
12/07/15 TASER Instructor Course Alpharetta, Georgia
12/07/15 TASER Instructor Course Thornton, Illinois
12/07/15 TASER Instructor Course Roxboro, North Carolina
12/07/15 TASER Instructor Course Pierre, South Dakota
12/07/15 Third Degree Communications: Interview & Interrogation Fairfield, California
12/07/15 Third Degree Communications - Critical Incident Response Tactics Hayward, California