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05/26/16 Concealment Areas within a Vehicle Jacksonville, Florida
05/30/16 Advanced Roadside Interview Techniques for Patrol Officers Georgetown, Texas
05/31/16 First Responders Grants Conference Las Vegas, Nevada
06/01/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Mendenhall, Mississippi
06/01/16 PRW SWAT Sniper Fieldcraft (3 days) Get a Ghillie! Brighton, Colorado
06/01/16 SLR15 AR-15 / M-16 / M-4 Rifle Armorer Park Hills, Missouri
06/01/16 Investigation and Tracking of Cyber Predators *BY PATC Gonzales, Louisiana
06/01/16 Recruiting and Hiring for Law Enforcement *BY PATC Georgetown, Texas
06/02/16 SABRE - Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructor Stone Mountain, Georgia
06/02/16 Online Investigations by POLICE TECHNICAL Dearborn, Michigan
06/02/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Olathe, Kansas
06/06/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Columbia Heights, Minnesota
06/06/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Blackfoot, Idaho
06/06/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course St. Charles, Illinois
06/06/16 Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Law Enforcement Officers Jacksonville, Florida
06/06/16 Advanced Narcotic Investigation Altamonte Springs, Florida
06/06/16 Police Traffic Laser/Radar Instructor Jacksonville, Florida
06/06/16 Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation Scottsdale, Arizona
06/06/16 Traffic Crash Reconstruction Lawrence, Indiana
06/06/16 Traffic Crash Reconstruction St. Petersburg, Florida

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