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02/23/16 Internal Affairs - Three Day *BY PATC Lawrenceville, Georgia
02/23/16 Threat Oriented Security Screening – Lessons Learned in Israel Fort Lauderdale, Florida
02/23/16 SIG SAUER Classic Line Pistols Houston, Texas
02/23/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Reading, Pennsylvania
02/24/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Mahwah, New Jersey
02/24/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Hurricane, West Virginia
02/24/16 Managing the Patrol FTO Program Concord, New Hampshire
02/24/16 Professional Decision Making as a Leadership Model Jacksonville, Florida
02/24/16 PRW Mobile/foot surveillance Training(3days)(30hrs) Denver, Colorado
02/24/16 Forensic Pathology for Investigators *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/24/16 Five Stages of Interview and Interrogation Techniques *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/24/16 Performance Leadership *BY PATC Boise, Idaho
02/24/16 Body Language and Deception in High Risk Environments Selma , Texas
02/25/16 Fire and Arson Fatality Fire Scene Investigation *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/25/16 Law Enforcement Leadership Development Lorain, Ohio
02/25/16 Mid-Level Narcotic Investigations Fort Worth, Texas
02/25/16 Excel for Public Safety by POLICE TECHNICAL Grand Prairie, Texas
02/25/16 TASER CEW Instructor Course Rupert, Idaho
02/26/16 Sovereign Citizens and Law Enforcement Alpharetta, Georgia
02/26/16 Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques Auburndale, Florida

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