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02/16/15 TASER Instructor Course Woodworth, Louisiana
02/16/15 Crime Scene Processing - Level I Hamilton, Ohio
02/16/15 Crime Scene - Phase I and II *BY PATC Baytown, Texas
02/16/15 Detective and New Criminal Investigator *BY PATC St. Louis, Missouri
02/16/15 Hostage Negotiations - Phase I and II *BY PATC Denver, Colorado
02/16/15 Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Phase I and II *BY PATC Indianapolis, Indiana
02/16/15 TEEX - Explosive Breacher Entry Bryan, Texas
02/16/15 TEEX - Intermediate Collision Investigation Georgetown, Texas
02/16/15 TEEX - Reality Based Training Instructor Brownsville, Texas
02/16/15 Mid Management Seminar / JLG Training Casa Grande, Arizona
02/17/15 PIO Boot Camp | 4-day 'Master Public Information Ofc' - Chris Ryan Seminars San Antonio, Texas
02/17/15 Internal Affairs - Three Day *BY PATC Houston, Texas
02/17/15 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Normal, Illinois
02/17/15 First Line Supervision - Mastering Leadership Skills *BY PATC Rock Hill, South Carolina
02/17/15 Arson Case Management *BY PATC Nashua, New Hampshire
02/17/15 Recruiting, Hiring and Background Investigations *BY PATC Greenville, South Carolina
02/17/15 Investigative Techniques Using Social Networking Sites *BY PATC Indianapolis, Indiana
02/17/15 Inside the Tape Homicide Investigation & Crime Scene Management Training Roanoke, Virginia
02/17/15 TASER Instructor Course Brattleboro, Vermont
02/17/15 Managing the Patrol FTO Program Jacksonville, Florida