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04/20/15 NRA Select Fire Instructor Development School Smyrna Beach, Florida
04/20/15 NRA Handgun/Shotgun Instructor Development School Florence, Alabama
04/20/15 NRA LE Handgun Instructor Development School Sopchoppy, Florida
04/20/15 NRA Handgun/Shotgun Instructor Development School San Diego, California
04/20/15 Advanced Forensic Scene Mapping Using Lasers Jacksonville, Florida
04/20/15 Basic Marine Enforcement Operations Starke, Florida
04/20/15 Traffic Crash Reconstruction Lawrence, Indiana
04/20/15 Third Degree Communications: Tactics for Critical Incidents McClellan, California
04/20/15 Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques Conway, Arkansas
04/20/15 2015 ILEETA Conference & Expo Wheeling, Illinois
04/21/15 TASER Instructor Course Franklin, Wisconsin
04/21/15 Wicklander-Zulawski Multiple Methods of Criminal Interview & Interrogation Hurricane, Utah
04/21/15 TEEX - PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor San Antonio, Texas
04/21/15 Undercover Officer Survival Techniques Edina, Minnesota
04/21/15 Arson Case Management *BY PATC Sayreville, New Jersey
04/21/15 First Line Supervision - Mastering Leadership Skills *BY PATC Elkhart, Indiana
04/21/15 Interviewing and Understanding Sexual Deviant Behavior *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
04/21/15 Practical Kinesic Interview, Phase I *BY PATC Wichita Falls, Texas
04/21/15 Fire Pattern Certification *BY PATC Ft. Morgan, Colorado
04/21/15 AR-15 M16 Armorer Course *BY PATC Fresno, California