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02/03/15 3+1-Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation + The Adv. Course® Nashville, Tennessee
02/03/15 Inside the Tape Homicide Investigation & Crime Scene Management Training Hot Springs, Arkansas
02/03/15 Basic Courtroom Testimony / JLG Training Palm Beach, Florida
02/03/15 Wicklander-Zulawski Multiple Methods of Criminal Interview & Interrogation Bozeman, Montana
02/03/15 Patrol Officer Drug Investigations Urbana, Illinois
02/03/15 Child Death Investigation - Child Death Scene to Court *BY PATC Rio Rancho, New Mexico
02/03/15 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Gonzales, Louisiana
02/03/15 Surviving Verbal Conflict *BY PATC Kansas City, Missouri
02/03/15 First Line Supervision - Mastering Leadership Skills *BY PATC Troy, Michigan
02/03/15 Five Stages of Interview and Interrogation Techniques *BY PATC Marion, Iowa
02/03/15 Homicide and Questioned Death Scene *BY PATC Nampa, Idaho
02/03/15 Homicide and Violent Crimes Investigation *BY PATC Columbus, Ohio
02/03/15 Investigative Techniques Using Social Networking Sites *BY PATC Austin, Texas
02/03/15 Supervising and Managing the FTO Unit *BY PATC Indianapolis, Indiana
02/03/15 AR-15 M16 Armorer Course *BY PATC Daytona Beach, Florida
02/03/15 Domestic Violence *BY PATC Virginia Beach, Virginia
02/03/15 Supervisor Liability *BY PATC Lynchburg, Virginia
02/03/15 Fire Pattern Certification *BY PATC Georgetown, Texas
02/04/15 High Risk Arrest Planning *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/04/15 Internet Tools for Criminal Investigators *BY PATC New Brunswick, New Jersey