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06/23/15 3+1-Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation + The Adv. Course® Nashville, Tennessee
06/23/15 PRW Police Sniper Competition (2 days) Pueblo, Colorado
06/23/15 The Winning Mind for Women: Career and Tactical Survival Boise, Idaho
06/23/15 Crime Scene and Evidence Management Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
06/23/15 AR-15 M16 Armorer Course *BY PATC Fayetteville, North Carolina
06/23/15 Investigative Techniques Using Social Networking Sites *BY PATC Georgetown, Texas
06/23/15 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Crowley, Texas
06/23/15 Supervisor Liability *BY PATC Murfreesboro, Tennessee
06/23/15 Field Training Officer - Leadership *BY PATC Gonzales, Louisiana
06/23/15 First Line Supervision - Mastering Leadership Skills *BY PATC Troy, Michigan
06/23/15 Practical Kinesic Interview, Phase I *BY PATC Knoxville, Tennessee
06/23/15 Confrontational Avoidance Techniques - Instructor Course Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
06/23/15 TEEX - PPCT Ground Avoidance Ground Escape (GAGE) Instructor San Antonio, Texas
06/24/15 Arson Case Management *BY PATC Toledo, Ohio
06/24/15 IEW (Impact Edged Weapon) Basic & Instructor Course Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
06/24/15 Fire Department Policies and Procedures *BY PATC Indianapolis, Indiana
06/24/15 30 HR "Lone Wolf" Officer Survival (P.O.S.T.) Filer, Idaho
06/24/15 Krav Maga DT Instructors Course Branson, Missouri
06/24/15 The Balanced Warrior: Proactive Officer Wellness Park Hills, Missouri
06/24/15 Defensive Tactics: Canine Encounters S.Padre Island, Texas