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04/27/15 Tactics, Techniques and Procedures In Use of Informants *BY PATC Normal, Illinois
04/27/15 New Fire and Arson Investigator Academy. NFPA 921 and 1033 *BY PATC Nashville, Tennessee
04/27/15 Cell Phone Technology and Forensic Data Recovery Certification *BY PATC Gonzales, Louisiana
04/27/15 Detective and New Criminal Investigator *BY PATC Troy, Michigan
04/27/15 Hostage Negotiations - Phase I and II *BY PATC Midwest City, Oklahoma
04/27/15 Mindset Bootcamp~ Dave Smith & Dave Grossman Yukon, Oklahoma
04/27/15 Advanced Roadside Interview Techniques for Patrol Officers Georgetown, Texas
04/27/15 Advanced OODA Loop based Officer Survival w/ Trauma Care- Rally Point TC Roseburg, Oregon
04/27/15 IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Training Course By Blue Light LLC Alexandra, Virginia
04/27/15 Forensic Art Essentials by Lois Gibson-Careers in Forensic Art Houston, Texas
04/27/15 Forensic Art: 2-D Facial Reconstruction Scottsdale, Arizona
04/27/15 SERT Law Enforcement Instructor Development (MDCC LETA) Moorhead, Mississippi
04/27/15 Smart Policing Summit 2015 Rockville, Maryland
04/28/15 Electronic Stability Control for EVOC Instructors Workshop Commerce City, Colorado
04/28/15 Crisis Negotiation Anchorage, Alaska
04/28/15 IAPE Property Room Management Training Rockville, Maryland
04/28/15 Lantern Certified Examiner Course by Katana Forensics Lafayette, Louisiana
04/28/15 Courtroom Success: Preparing for Today's Homicide & High Profile Cases Mesa, Arizona
04/28/15 Pharmaceutical Drugs Abuse & Diversion - Basic School Las Vegas, Nevada
04/28/15 Basic Criminal Investigation - Patrol and New Investigators *BY PATC Bluffton, South Carolina