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04/27/15 Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist Dallas, Texas
04/27/15 Police Supervisory In-Service Training (POSIT) Allegheny, Pennsylvania
04/27/15 Managing Risk in Law Enforcement Southlake, Texas
04/27/15 Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist and Law and Fire Injury Prevention Pittsford, Vermont
04/27/15 Fire Department Administrative Investigations and Discipline *BY PATC Boise, Idaho
04/27/15 Tactics, Techniques and Procedures In Use of Informants *BY PATC Normal, Illinois
04/27/15 New Fire and Arson Investigator Academy. NFPA 921 and 1033 *BY PATC Nashville, Tennessee
04/27/15 Cell Phone Technology and Forensic Data Recovery Certification *BY PATC Gonzales, Louisiana
04/27/15 Detective and New Criminal Investigator *BY PATC Troy, Michigan
04/27/15 Hostage Negotiations - Phase I and II *BY PATC Midwest City, Oklahoma
04/27/15 Child Death Investigation - Child Death Scene to Court *BY PATC Columbus, Ohio
04/27/15 True Lies: Detecting Deception**Code 4** Boise, Idaho
04/27/15 Cell Phone Investigations by POLICE TECHNICAL Houston, Texas
04/27/15 Social Media Methods by POLICE TECHNICAL Grand Prairie, Texas
04/27/15 Advanced Undercover Techniques & Survival Chesterfield, Virginia
04/27/15 Alpha Group Center - Mass Killers Fredericton
04/27/15 NRA Handgun & Shotgun Instructor Development School Monroeville, Pennsylvania
04/27/15 NRA Handgun & Shotgun Instructor Development School Rock Hill, South Carolina
04/27/15 NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor Development School San Antonio, Texas
04/27/15 TEEX - Crime Scene Investigation Temple, Texas