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03/03/15 Cell Phone Technology *BY PATC Kansas City, Missouri
03/03/15 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Nashville, Tennessee
03/03/15 Interviewing and Understanding Sexual Deviant Behavior *BY PATC Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
03/03/15 Wicklander-Zulawski Multiple Methods of Criminal Interview & Interrogation Irving, Texas
03/04/15 Internet Tools for Criminal Investigators *BY PATC Crowley, Texas
03/04/15 Supervisor Liability *BY PATC Denver, Colorado
03/04/15 Standard Field Sobriety Testing Spokane Valley, Washington
03/04/15 Mindset Bootcamp~ Dave Smith & Dave Grossman Lexington, Kentucky
03/04/15 Cultivating & Managing Confidential Informants Fort Worth, Texas
03/04/15 Defensive Tactics: Canine Encounters North Port, Florida
03/04/15 COPSocial Media *by ACED Brenham, Texas
03/04/15 23rd Annual Law Enforcement Legislative Day Sacramento, California
03/05/15 Criminal Patrol/Drug Interdiction Georgetown, Texas
03/05/15 Cell Phone Investigation Techniques Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
03/05/15 Why Teens Kill: Warning Signs, Causes, Triggers, and Prevention Orlando, Florida
03/05/15 Ballistic Shield User by Tap-Rack Spokane Valley, Washington
03/05/15 1 day Adv. Course-The Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation® Southgate, Michigan
03/05/15 1 day Adv. Course-The Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation® Cleveland, Ohio
03/05/15 TASER Instructor Course Weston, Wisconsin
03/06/15 Street Drug ID & Recognition Hamilton, Ohio