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06/06/15 Advanced Handgun Skills I – Personal Defense Canon City, Colorado
06/06/15 i2 Analyst's Notebook Basic/Intermediate Training Course Dallas, Texas
06/07/15 TEEX - Basic Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Training Bryan, Texas
06/08/15 TEEX - Reality Based Training Instructor Temple, Texas
06/08/15 i2 Analyst's Notebook Basic /Intermediate Training Course By Blue Light Fayetteville, North Carolina
06/08/15 Lantern Certified Examiner Course by Katana Forensics Canton, Massachusetts
06/08/15 Clandestine Laboratory Certification and Site Safety Officer Certification St. Petersburg, Florida
06/08/15 Criminal Investigations Using Cellular Technologies 40 hr. Basic Course Bozeman, Montana
06/08/15 Revolution Control Tactics Woodbury, Minnesota
06/08/15 Close Contact Defense Instructor Level 1 Mesquite, Texas
06/08/15 Street Cops Georgetown, Texas
06/08/15 Advanced OODA Loop based Officer Survival w/ Trauma Care- Rally Point TC Idaho Falls, Idaho
06/08/15 "Detective Level I" Virginia Beach, Virginia
06/08/15 Investigating Today's Street Homicides Daytona, Florida
06/08/15 Child Death Investigation - Child Death Scene to Court *BY PATC St. Louis, Missouri
06/08/15 Leadership Skills For Challenging Times *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
06/08/15 Cell Phone Technology and Forensic Data Recovery Certification *BY PATC State College, Pennsylvania
06/08/15 Detective and New Criminal Investigator *BY PATC Crowley, Texas
06/08/15 Forensic Art Techniques--Mastering Composite Drawing Evanston, Illinois
06/08/15 Police Motorcycle Operator Training Columbus, Indiana