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02/22/16 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Imperial, California
02/22/16 Grant Planning and Management Jacksonville, Florida
02/22/16 Advanced Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction Jacksonville, Florida
02/23/16 Mastering Leadership Skills and Officer Performance *BY PATC Arlington, Texas
02/23/16 Wicklander-Zulawski Multiple Methods of Criminal Interview & Interrogation Eau Claire, Wisconsin
02/23/16 TEEX - PPCT Ground Avoidance Ground Escape (GAGE) Instructor Georgetown, Texas
02/24/16 Forensic Pathology for Investigators *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/24/16 Five Stages of Interview and Interrogation Techniques *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/24/16 Performance Leadership *BY PATC Boise, Idaho
02/24/16 Body Language and Deception in High Risk Environments Selma , Texas
02/24/16 Managing the Patrol FTO Program Concord, New Hampshire
02/25/16 Fire and Arson Fatality Fire Scene Investigation *BY PATC Las Vegas, Nevada
02/29/16 TEEX - Advanced Ordnance Recognition for Law Enforcement Bryan, Texas
02/29/16 Advanced Undercover Narcotics Tactics & Agent Rescue Anderson, South Carolina
02/29/16 Supervision of Police Personnel Evanston, Illinois
02/29/16 Field Training Officer Concord, New Hampshire
02/29/16 Advanced Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation Jacksonville, Florida
02/29/16 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Pueblo, Colorado
02/29/16 NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor Development School Tupelo, Mississippi
02/29/16 Alpha Group Center - Criminal Investigative Analysis Scottsdale, Arizona