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06/01/15 Death And Homicide, Five Day *BY PATC Georgetown, Texas
06/02/15 ** NRA Tuition Free Glock Armorer Class** Fairfax, Virginia
06/02/15 Death and Homicide Investigations Pueblo, Colorado
06/02/15 AR-15 M16 Armorer Course *BY PATC Fairfield, Ohio
06/02/15 Courtroom Survival Techniques Albuquerque, New Mexico
06/02/15 IAPE Property Room Management Training Columbia, Missouri
06/02/15 3 day-The Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation® Southgate, Michigan
06/02/15 3+1-Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation + The Adv. Course® Southgate, Michigan
06/02/15 The Winning Mind for Women: Career and Tactical Survival Clinton Twp., Michigan
06/03/15 Insurance Fraud Investigations (by Choice Training Group) Orlando, Florida
06/04/15 Liar Liar Face on Fire! Detecting Deception and Conducting Interviews Daytona Beach, Florida
06/04/15 Covert Methods of Entry (CMoE) Training in Lock Picking & Lock Bypassing Kansas City, Kansas
06/04/15 Courtroom Success: Preparing for Today's Homicide & High Profile Cases Sandy, Utah
06/04/15 2-day Advanced Tactical Pistol Course Elkhorn, Wisconsin
06/04/15 Criminal Patrol/Drug Interdiction Kilgore, Texas
06/04/15 SABRE Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructor Wichita Falls, Texas
06/05/15 1 day Adv. Course-The Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation® Southgate, Michigan
06/06/15 Advanced Handgun Skills I – Personal Defense Canon City, Colorado
06/06/15 i2 Analyst's Notebook Basic/Intermediate Training Course Dallas, Texas
06/07/15 TEEX - Basic Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Training Bryan, Texas