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05/11/15 Tactical Operations Command Jacksonville, Florida
05/11/15 Cell Phone Data and Mapping by POLICE TECHNICAL Hamilton, Ohio
05/11/15 Cell Phone Tactics by POLICE TECHNICAL Sacramento, California
05/11/15 Open Source Investigations by POLICE TECHNICAL London, Ohio
05/11/15 Cell Phone Investigations by POLICE TECHNICAL New Brunswick, New Jersey
05/11/15 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Rockport, Texas
05/11/15 NRA Precision Rifle Instructor Development School Florence, Alabama
05/11/15 NRA LE Precision Rifle Instructor Development School Coden, Alabama
05/11/15 NRA Handgun Instructor Development School Smyrna Beach, Florida
05/11/15 Hostage Negotiations - Phase I and II *BY PATC Birmingham, Alabama
05/11/15 PIO Boot Camp | 4-day 'Master Public Information Ofc' - Chris Ryan Seminars Central Falls, Rhode Island
05/11/15 TEEX - Skeletal Death Investigation San Marcos, Texas
05/11/15 TEEX - Collision Reconstruction Lubbock, Texas
05/11/15 TEEX - Basic Instructor Development Sunset Valley, Texas
05/11/15 TEEX- Firearms Instructor Bryan, Texas
05/11/15 New Fire and Arson Investigator Academy. NFPA 921 and 1033 *BY PATC Wallingford, Connecticut
05/11/15 Field Training Officer (FTO) Allegheny, Pennsylvania
05/11/15 Field Training Officer (FTO) Monmouth, New Jersey
05/11/15 High Impact Supervision (HIS) Morris, New Jersey
05/11/15 Street Cops Clinton Twp., Michigan